The Sneaky Strategies Companies Use To Make Their Offices More Impressive


If you do a quick Google search for “how to make your business look bigger,” you’ll get hundreds of results, each offering what it thinks are the perfect tips and tricks to make it happen. However, if you dig a little deeper, there is relatively little advice out there for making your office more impressive. 

The chances are that you run a small business. As a small business, the way your office looks to clients and employees matters. You want to convince both groups that you have the professional muscle to meet their needs. Let’s take a look at how to do this. 

Choose A Prestigious Area And Share

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to make your offices appear more impressive is to choose a prestigious location and then share a building alongside a bunch of other companies. Sharing can be a challenge on an administrative level, but it keeps the cost down, and it allows you to show off your address on your marketing materials, business cards, and website. Clients are likely to be impressed if they see that you’re located in the heart of a major city than they are if you’re on a trailer park out of town. 

Reduce Physical Storage

When it comes to creating a great impression, you want to maximize your use of space. You want your clients to walk in and be impressed with the size of your offices and the amount of space that your people have to work. It inspires confidence. 

The problem for many companies is that a lot of their space is taken up with storage. Files and folders line shelving in every room. It makes your offices appear far more cluttered and, unfortunately, less professional. 

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Reducing physical storage is easier today than ever before. You can either store excess physical materials off-site, or use cloud-based archiving solutions and make the entire process digital and shareable. 

Keep Your Offices Squeaky Clean

Sites like provide a lot of information for companies wanting to keep their premises clean. Cleanliness is, as you might expect, one of the primary tools that clients and employees use to determine whether you run a quality business or not. It’s not just clutter either: even smells can make a difference to how a person feels when on your premises. 

Be honest with yourself: would you like to visit your office if you were coming from outside? Is it a pleasant environment? Or does it look a little worse for wear? 

Use Light Colors

Many companies have found that if they use light colors, they can make small spaces look much bigger. The smaller the space, the brighter the colors need to be. Some firms operating out of a single room have taken to plastering LED lights on the wall in an attempt to boost color performance (and team performance if you believe sites like 

There are all kinds of ways to make your office more impressive, some easier than others. Does your office need a strategy to make it more impressive?