The Stats Don’t Lie: Why You Should Swap The Roads For The Skies This Summer

If you’re scared of flying, the mere thought of stepping onto an airplane and buckling up may fill you with anxiety. When you hear about plane crashes, the story tends to be pretty gruesome, but have you ever stopped to think about how safe plane travel is compared to hitting the roads? If you have a fear of flying, it may be worth trying to conquer your phobia and embracing the concept of exotic adventures when you take a look at car crash statistics.

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Flights versus road trips

It is estimated that around 30 percent of people suffer from anxiety when faced with a plane trip. In contrast, very few people feel anxious when they’re driving, or they’re a passenger preparing to hit the highways. In reality, the chances of being involved in a plane crash are significantly lower than being injured in a car accident. Plane crashes are so rare that statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board suggest that the number of incidents per 1 million flying miles is equivalent to zero and your risk of being killed on a plane is around 1 in 11 million. On the other hand, there are more than 5 million car accidents in the USA per year. In fact, you’re more likely to drown in a bath or be killed by fireworks or a lightning bolt than you are to lose your life on a plane.

Why are car crashes so common?

Every time you drive anywhere, there’s a real risk of being involved in an accident. The trouble with driving is that everyone has to take responsibility for their own vehicle at the same time as being aware of what other people doing and what’s going on around them. It’s easy to lose concentration and focus, and there are lots of hazards to be wary of. If you read this article on, you’ll see that truck crashes are a common occurrence. As a car driver, you may be able to see exactly what a truck is doing, but the driver of the truck may not always be able to see you. When you’re sitting high up in a cabin, it can be tricky to spot pedestrians and smaller vehicles. There are also dangers such as adverse weather conditions to contend with.

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Planning a safe trip

This article isn’t designed to scare you into fleeing the country on a plane, but it is important to understand that flying is a safe means of traveling. Whether you’re embarking on the road trip of a lifetime or you’re hoping to spend a week on an exotic beach, the last thing you want is to encounter problems before you reach your destination. Plan ahead, pay attention to safety advice and try to relax. If you are driving long distances, bear these tips in mind

 Why You Should Swap The Roads For The Skies This Summer

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If you’re worried about flying after watching the news or reading horror stories, hopefully, this guide has reassured you and enabled you to consider a range of vacation options. Millions of people get from A to B without any problems on a daily basis, but it is wise to be aware of potential hazards and to plan your journey in advance. Take care and have a great summer!