The Things That You Can Do To Secure Your Workplace

When it comes to being the owner of a small business, there is much more to consider than just thinking about the day to day running of things. Of course, those elements that will help your business to grow need to be considered. But there are many things from records, legal documents, money, data, and more, that are all part of your business. And as a result, you need to make sure that you are taking steps to improve all of those things and that you’re doing your best to protect them. So with all of that in mind, here are some of the things that you can start to do right now to help to make things in your business much more secure. Not all of them will work for your business, but have a little look through, and then take the steps to making some changes. These are the kinds of things that will help to keep your business growing and help to keep your business protected.


Secure Smartphones

What is on your work smartphones? If you are using it for emails, notes, voice notes, texts, and so on, then each time that you have it out in public, you are holding something that holds a lot of vital business information. Not only that, it is likely to be connected to your company network, through the email system, and so on. We often forget that these are just like our business computers, but they are a vital part of business security. While they are convenient, they can also add some risk.

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Social Media Policy

On a similar note, as you are likely to use your phone, as well as computer, for things like email and social networking, you should have a social media policy in place for your team. The reason being is that these worlds are ever-changing and as a result, we will need to have different security in place. People can glean quite a lot of information from these social channels, if they are looking for it. And that can be a hazard to your business. So talk to colleagues, as well as addressing what kind of content is appropriate for company emails and social media. 

Use Strong Passwords

Something as simple as a password can often be overlooked. But having a strong password policy for your business can be really important. It might be annoying to have to change your password every couple of weeks, as well as remember your new ones. But it is going to be much more annoying to have to deal with any kind of hack or data breach. So it is something that really be considering. 

In a similar vein, thinking about and getting some IGA services (Identity Governance and Administration), into place, can be a really good idea. It is an extra layer of protection for your business, alongside things like passwords, so that only the people that you want to access things, can access them. 

Use Security Cameras

Security cameras are needed for businesses, no matter what premises you are on. They serve two purposes: investigation and deterrence. If people can see a physical camera that could spot them on an office, in an office, or even on your home if you work from home, then it can play a really vital role in deterring people from doing things that they shouldn’t. If they wanted to risk it anyway, then you can use the footage as evidence against them, so it gives you two layers of protection from theft or information theft. 

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Write a Visitor Management Policy

If you have an office space for your business, or a warehouse (basically anywhere that non-employees could come to meet you), then you need to think about having a policy for visitors; what will they be allowed to do and where will they be allowed to go? Most of the time, these people could be suppliers or potential clients, so you are unlikely to know too much about them. So reducing the risk of threats or theft is really important. When writing your policy, decide if the visitors need to be escorted at all times, or only when they are in certain areas of the office or building. Will they have to wear a badge and sign in and out? This also needs to be clearly stated to all the team, so that your employees can more easily act as ‘eyes and ears’ out on the office or warehouse floor, and they will feel more comfortable reporting things if they know that the visitor expectations are.