Things To Teach Your Kids About Buying A Car

Teaching your kids to drive is one thing, teaching them about cars is a whole other ball game. Passing a driving test is an exciting time for teens, and opens up a whole new world of responsibility when it comes to safety as well as managing their finances. As you’ll know, buying a car isn’t something that should be entered into lightly, and you can teach your kids a lot to prepare them for buying a car in future. Check out these key pointers to teach your kids about buying a car.

New versus used

The question of whether or not to buy a new or a used car. Some might argue that used cars are less safe than today’s models. While they may lack the safety features that come with the latest models, it isn’t necessarily the deciding factor for buying a car. Safety is important, but if you’ve got a budget to consider than a used car might be the way forward for a new teen on the road. Besides, many used cars might have done low levels of mileage that might make them as good as new and will be less likely to need costly maintenance in the short term.

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Thinking about the bigger picture

Helping your kids to pick the car of their dreams is one thing, but what about the bigger financial picture? They might be able to afford a certain type of car, but what will the insurance, fuel and maintenance cost to keep it on the road? When they’re making a car budget, make sure that they include all of these things to ensure they’re not disappointed or struggling for money to benefit from having that specific car.

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Being prepared for unexpected costs

Cars are one of the most costly things you can own, particularly if you find yourself needing repairs. Even the best-known branded cars can’t help you avoid being in an accident, and careful driving should always be encouraged. Teens need to be talked to about the consequences of DWI to help them avoid the potentially life-changing events that could follow. Make sure that you also encourage them to put some money aside each month in the event of any problems they might face with their car. While you may be able to help them out if any problems arise, you should only need to step in for severe problems or issues.

It’s not all about looks

For teens, most things may be about looks and while a car’s appearance may be important – it shouldn’t be everything. It’s important that you enforce the message that this is your kid’s first car and that it needs to be a good introduction to driving, rather than being the coolest car in the parking lot. If a car looks amazing – that’s a bonus, and they can also take time to customize it how they want after they’ve decided which car to buy. You’d be surprised at what a fresh coat of paint and a new stereo system can add to a car when it’s your first one. Help them prepare to make a purchase with the right questions to ask when buying a car to help them figure out what’s important.


After you’ve helped your teen buy their first car, you can help them learn to become better drivers. Reading articles on advice for first-time drivers can be a big help and accompanying them now and then will help put their (and your) mind at ease when out on the road. Above all, buying a first car should be a fun experience and will be one that you can enjoy together as a family.

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