Top Authorization Letter Formats & Template

Authorization letter attests that an person has the legal authority to act on behalf of a company or other business enterprise to carry out an action.

Introduction to Authorization Letter

Authorization letter is generally used to give authority to someone in the absence of any higher authority. For instance, if you are the CEO of an organization and going for any important work. Then, in your absence, you can give a authorization letter to any of your trusted employee who can handle all your work.

Purpose of Authority Letter 

Authorization letter offers several purposes including the following:

For personal transactions- To begin with, an authority letter  may include some important deals of a person who is not physically present at the moment of signing some important documents such as bank documents, property matters, or legal documents, on behalf of someone.

For business purposes- Secondly, an authorization letter is important in carrying out different business activities. For example, your boss is on a business trip, he/she needs to make an authorization letter so someone can take over some of his important transactions on an organization.

Gives Credibility to Your Word- Thirdly, a written formal document verifies and legitimates your word.

Tracks Accountability- To add to it, when you authorize someone to perform a task on your behalf, and they accept it, they are also accountable for the said task.

No Information is Missed Out- Besides this, when you write a letter of authorization, you clearly specify the name of the person, date of authorization together with duties that you are authorizing the person to perform.

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For school purposes- Finally, in some cases, students need permission from their parents in the form of an authorization letter when they have to go to an outside school activity.  Especially, if it’s not a compulsory outdoor activity.

Top 10 Authorization Letter Formats & Template

How exactly an Authorization Letter Formats should look like? Let’s check it out with the help of the templates listed below:

Sample Client Authorization Letter 

Sample Letter of Authorizationauthority letter format

Adult Authorization Letter 

Authorization Letter Formats

Sample Letter of Authority 

sample letter of authority

Sample Letter of Authorization

Authorization Letter Formats

Letter of Authority

Authorization Letter Formats

Standard Authorization Format Letter 

Authorization Letter Formats

Letter of Authority for a Passport Agency

Authorization Letter Formats

Authority Letter for Utility Supplies 

Authorization Letter Formats

Authorization Letter for Bank Money Withdrawal

Authorization Letter Formats

Authority Letter for Clearing Agent 

Authorization Letter Formats

To sum up, Authority letter is a document which confirms a person’s authority to perform certain action. In our article, we are provided top authorization letter formats and template which you can use to pass on authority to someone.

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