Using Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business

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If your company website doesn’t seem to be getting any attention, you’ll probably wonder what you’re doing wrong. Setting up your website is only a small fraction of the work needed to get customers through your digital doorway.

To bring people to your site, you will need to understand how digital marketing can help grow your business online. 

Think of your website as a physical building that you want people to visit. Unless you open your business somewhere that has a lot of passing trade such as a shopping center or a busy high street; not many people will see it in passing. 

If that were your business, you’d want to go out to the high street and hand out flyers or put up signs letting people know where to find you. You might put adverts in the paper or on the TV and radio, or even knock on doors or phone customers. 

Digital marketing is much the same, letting your future customers know about what you have to offer them and where they can find you. 

There are an array of digital marketing techniques at your disposal, some that you can do yourself quite easily. For more sophisticated techniques, there are lots of excellent online services available to help you. 

Search Engine Optimization is an organic technique used to help your website appear higher on internet searches. With around two billion websites online, a search into any topic will often give you more results than you can ever sift through. If your site is not optimized, then it will appear too far down any results page to be found. 

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Websites all have something called domain authority; this is a score that ranks the significance of your site in terms of how a search engine views it. Popular sites such as Wikipedia, or the BBC will rank very highly. The importance of a website can be measured through links to the site from elsewhere, as well as internal ‘backlinks’ from one page to another. 

By getting your website linked on other sites, you can help push your rankings up and improve the chances of being found. These links on other sites also serve as potential places to bring in new visitors. 

Other ways to optimize your site include making sure it can be read on a mobile device easily. As more Google searches are completed using smartphones than from desktops, search engines favor websites that open easily on phones.

Creating original content is important too, as Google can penalize sites with repetition. 

To get right to the top of a Google search, you can pay for advertising too, by using AdWords. Similarly, you can do this on social media sites also, allowing sponsored posts to appear on the news feed of anyone within a specified target audience.

Building up your social media presence is another way of bringing customers to your site. Creating great content to attract audiences will mean that your posts will get shared, or appear on lots of news feeds, attracting a wider audience.