When It’s Hard to See It Coming 5 Dangerous Roadway Obstacles to Avoid

If you’ve been driving for a while, you probably have an easy sort of confidence behind the wheel. Even the most alert, conscientious drivers are comfortable enough to perform a lot of driving techniques without thinking. But none of this means that an obstacle won’t crop up with the potential to cause an accident. Here are five common obstacles that trip up unsuspecting drivers each and every day.

  1. Animals

Depending on where you live, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that a leaping deer or scurrying skunk won’t shoot out in front of you. You’re at the greatest risk for these occurrences at dusk, dawn, and anywhere in between, when creatures are more likely to be on the move.

If you do encounter a deer or other animal, do not slam the brakes; you can lose control too easily this way. If judicious swerving is impossible as the animal is too close, stay steady and accept that you may have to hit them. From there, pull over at the next opportunity and inspect any damage.




  1. Speed bumps

Speed bumps  are intended to enforce a slower rate of speed in any given area. Typically, there will be signage alerting you to the bump, but sometimes, we miss this and the bump seemingly comes out of nowhere. If you do happen to see a speed bump approaching, slow down.

Bumps stretch across your entire lane and are pretty much unavoidable. Speed bumps are a very good reason to heighten your situational awareness and keep your eyes peeled for road signs.

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  1. Barriers and medians

When you’re on any type of highway, barriers and medians commonly line shoulders, separate lanes, and keep you safer from traffic heading in the opposite direction. However, few roads are the nonstop barrier and median-lined, meaning that concrete divider can spring up unannounced.

It’s best to stay in your lane unless the flow of traffic dictates that it’s time to pass. Traversing lanes just because you can increase your chances of coming across the unexpected.


  1. Pedestrians

There is no road obstacle more frightening than a person. It’s important that you never assume you won’t encounter a pedestrian just because there isn’t a crosswalk.

To avoid hitting pedestrians, make sure you’re never engaging in distracted driving – chatting with passengers, looking at your phone, or fiddling with your console. If an accident does occur, attorneys like DaveAbels.com know more about how to proceed legally.


  1. Other Objects

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen while cruising down the road? Blown out tires, roadkill, trash, and other types of litter can be very hazardous, especially at higher rates of speed. In these instances, if the obstruction is low in height, do your best to make it so the object goes between your wheels.

You won’t be able to avoid every piece of refuse you come across. But you may have to make a split-second decision centered around doing to least amount of harm to yourself and others.

Because there’s no way of knowing what you’ll encounter on the road any day, it’s important not to take safety for granted. Make sure you always have a clear view through your windshield, that you’re not distracted, and glance at your blind spots regularly.

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