Why You Need A Carport?

When purchasing or building a new home, it’s important to know that you have options when it comes to where you store your car. The garage is the traditional choice, but many homeowners are going in a different direction by electing to build a carport.

Carports are not a new idea. They’ve been around since the early 1900s, offering a cheap alternative to the garage. Popular from the United States to the carport Brisbane, a carport is a covered space outside of the home where vehicles are parked.  Unlike a garage, which is an enclosed structure, a carport has a roof with pillars supporting it, but usually no solid walls.

Why Pick A Carport?

Adding a carport to an existing home is much cheaper than building on a garage. When you add a permanent structure, you have to pay for permits, builders, and an electrician. Carports don’t require any of those things. You can hire someone to put one up for you, but there are also kits that allow you to do it yourself which keeps that expense down. You can even purchase a portable carport and take it with you should you ever move. What if you’re home already has a garage, but it fits only one car or your using it for storage? Adding a carport is the perfect way to take care of the additional vehicle.



Another advantage of carports is that they can be used to keep the sun off of your car’s paint job and cool the vehicle, so it’s not blazing hot when you get inside. It also helps keep frost off your windshield during winter, making it easier for you to hop in and get started on the day right away. Carports protect from bird droppings and hail damage, too.

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Carports can be used as an outdoor area for entertaining.  Family gatherings, neighborhood block parties, yard sales—all can be held beneath a carport and stay protected from the elements. Have you ever started grilling outside only to find the sun beating down on you unbearably? Maybe you’ve gotten soaked from an unexpected rain shower? Placing your grill beneath the carport will keep your dining plans safe and sound. Set up chairs and tables to provide a covered area for guests to eat once you’re done the grilling. If you have little ones who love to be outside but sunburn easily, the carport becomes a covered play area.



Though it might not be as secure as a garage, a carport can serve as a storage area. Because of it’s proximity to the home and the fact that there are no solid walls to block vision, it acts as a deterrent to vandals and would be thieves.  If you are someone who lives alone, a carport allows you to be able to pull up directly next to the home, avoiding any potential safety issues from parking on the street.


One final thing to keep in mind is that a carport can come in handy when it comes time to sell.  Not having a garage can be seen as a disadvantage to a buyer, but a carport may help with adding value to the home.