Home entertainment Love Island: Behind the scenes of the famous villa ahead of series 10

Love Island: Behind the scenes of the famous villa ahead of series 10

Love Island: Behind the scenes of the famous villa ahead of series 10

The Love Island villa in Majorca has had another glow up in preparation for the hit dating show returning to screens for its 10th season.

The new series of the show, which will see Maya Jama host her first summer season, will begin on Monday night with a new batch of 10 islanders.

Here is what we learnt after we got a guided tour around arguably the most famous villa on TV ahead of the early-anticipated series launch.

The villa is tucked away off a dirt road in a remote area in the east of Majorca, backdropped against a sprawling landscape of mountains and greenery.

It moved to the new property for the last summer series after the previous location near Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, in the east of the Spanish island, reportedly became unavailable.

After you pass through strict security, the first notable thing when you arrive is the massive production site which acts as a base for the show’s crew during the series’ eight-week run and in the period beforehand while they prepare for the launch.

As you approach the villa, a giant chrome heart over a wooden walkway greets you outside to let you know you are in the right place and this will act as the pathway for the islanders into their summer home.

It truly is as vibrant inside as it looks on TV, which has been heightened further as a neon blue tone has been added throughout the villa.

Some of the colours of the exterior furniture have been refreshed with bright yellow and blue sun loungers now in place alongside pink, yellow and orange bean bags.

The gladiator arena style is as intimidating as it come across as its long walk-way forces islanders to wait in anticipation as host Jama walks in to deliver news about recouplings and dumpings.

Alongside the return of the dog house for “naughty boys and girls”, two new day beds have been added outside so contestants can sleep outside if they are facing trouble in their couple.

The main bedroom is now decorated in vibrant pink and canary yellow with graphic artwork on the walls.

Meanwhile, the hideaway, which allows couples some alone time, is also back and its had a makeover including bright purple walls, a hot pink bed and a cupboard filled with chocolate body paint, body accessories and lingerie.

The walls throughout have also be adorned with neon signs and stencil designs of classic Love Island quotes and pop culture phrases like “spill the tea” and “Eat, sleep, crack on, repeat”.

A noticeable addition in every area of the villa which you do not usually spot as a viewer is the copious amounts of cameras tucked away in bushes, corners and hanging over the beds.

Another thing rarely depicted on the show is rain, but it did briefly pour down during our tour.

The weather is the one thing about the set the production team cannot control, but they are hoping for the blue skies to return for the series launch.

The show has once again partnered with eBay as its series sponsor to help “fight against fast fashion” by stocking the islanders’ wardrobe with pre-loved clothing from the site.

This year the show has also introduced an ‘eBay chute’ which will allow the contestants to return their clothes so they can be relisted on the website.

The bathrooms will also boast a message from the breast cancer charity CoppaFeel reminding them to check their chest for lumps and bumps which could be a sign of the condition.

Reflecting on what they hoped to achieve, the show’s creative director Mike Spencer said: “It’s trying to give these guys and girls the summer of their lives in the most aspirational, inspirational way that is somewhere you want to go with your mates.”

Love Island returns to Virgin Media on June 5th.