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‘We’re mates’: Russell Crowe shares tribute to Ryan Tubridy after final Late Late Show

Actor Russell Crowe has paid tribute to his “mate” Ryan Tubridy during a gig in Melbourne after the RTÉ star bid farewell to the Late Late Show after 14 years.

In a video posted on social media on Monday, the Oscar-winning actor wished the 50-year-old presenter well and dedicated a song to him to mark the occasion.

In the clip, Crowe shared a personal message to Tubridy before asking the crowd at his gig at The Espy in Melbourne to wish him the best of luck.


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“Every single time I’ve come on your show, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve loved the vibe of your television show and I love what you’ve done and I’m really proud of what you’ve achieved,” he said in the video.

Crowe added that he and Tubridy are now “mates” and have played tennis and even had “the odd drink or two”.

A loud “good luck Ryan” was heard from the crowd before Crowe started to sing on stage.

Tubridy’s final Late Late Show, on Friday night, included a clip from 2015 of a grumpy Crowe telling the studio audience, as he sang and played guitar, “If you’re going to clap, clap in time. If you can’t clap in time, just shut up.”

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