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Government set to ban sale of vaping products to teenagers

The Tánaiste has described vaping as ‘the revenge of the tobacco industry’ following progress made to deter young people from smoking.

It comes as the Cabinet prepare to sign off on a new law, which would ban the sale of vapes to under 18s.

The legislation – which is expected to be passed this summer – would also limit where e-cigarettes can be sold.

It will also see a change to who can sell vaping products – banning them from vending machines or at events for children.

Micheál Martin says it cannot continue to be marketed towards young people.

“We’ve made great strides in reducing tobacco use among young people since the smoking ban period. In many ways, I see vamping as the revenge of the tobacco industry in terms of getting people hooked on nicotine again, so therefore this legislation is important.


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However, opposition to the ban claim e-cigarettes can be used as a way to make Ireland tobacco-free.

Joe Dunne from Respect Vapers, is calling on the Government to look at other countries methods in harm reduction when it comes to vaping.

“We’re looking at the Government to look at a few other progressive countries and what they have done in terms of harm reduction, and look at what results they are getting.

“Vaping does make a difference, there is over 250,000 adults in Ireland who vape, and have switched from smoking, and it’s defenitley made a difference to their lives.

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