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What the papers say: Tuesday’s front pages

What the papers say: Tuesday’s front pages

The sale of land around Dublin Airport, problems in housing refugees, and potential reductions of the national herd are among the topics that feature on Tuesday’s front pages.

The Irish Times leads with a story on the potential sale of land around Dublin Airport.

A story on problems in housing refugees makes the front page of the Irish Examiner.

Around 200,000 cows must be culled to meet climate targets, the Irish Independent reports.

The Echo leads with a story on public housing delays in Cork.

Uniformed gardaí will patrol in Disneyland Paris this summer to help Irish tourists during the peak summer season, according to the Irish Daily Star.

The Irish Sun leads with the controversy over Phillip Schofield’s affair with a young This Morning colleague.

Firefighters are set to go on strike in the coming weeks, The Herald reports.

In the North, the Belfast Telegraph and The Irish News lead with stories on seven people being charged over the attempted murder of PSNI detective John Caldwell.

There is little consensus on the main story of the day as a range of topics fight for attention on Tuesday’s UK front pages.

The fallout from Phillip Schofield’s departure from This Morning and ITV continues with several front pages featuring something on the story but only two leading with the scandal.

The Sun concentrates on the former presenter’s “secret trysts” while the Metro says “the gloves are off” after Eamonn Holmes criticised his ex-colleague in a television interview.

The Guardian also features a television show with a picture from the finale of Succession, but leads on Labour plans to tackle the housing prices by giving powers to councils to buy land cheaply for development.

The same reforms also make the front of the Financial Times, which says landowners could be forced to sell plots for a “fraction of their potential market price”.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer comes under fire on the front of the Daily Mail for donations from green energy boss Dale Vince, which it labels a “key Just Stop Oil funder”.

UK prime ministers past and present feature on front pages elsewhere, The Daily Telegraph saying Rishi Sunak has said the Oxford professor at the heart of a row over trans women deserves to be heard.

The Times focuses on former UK prime minister Boris Johnson as it warns of a looming legal wrangle over his WhatsApp messages being released as part of the Covid-19 inquiry.

The Daily Mirror turns its attention to the fight for action against “danger dogs” with backing from the mother of 10-year-old Jack Lis, who died after being mauled.

Recycling is the focus of the i which says we need to stop putting the wrong materials in the green bin to cut down on waste.

The Daily Express calls on banks to stop “ripping off” loyal savers amid demands for better interest rates.

The tale of a four-year-old girl who ended up in hospital due to “killer mould” in her family’s council flat takes over the front of The Independent digital edition.

And the Daily Star informs us we have been drinking beer “all wrong”.